Officially Done

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Hello potential reader of this blog.  If you don’t want to read the whole thing, all that happens at the end is that we say our group name and goodbye.  We are officially done shooting, but unfortunately we only shot in places with black and white walls, and all our costumes were black, white, or gray, and our actors and actresses all have a rare skin disease which makes your skin a grayish white.  However, contrary to popular belief, our movie was in fact shot in color.  So stop harassing us, it is a hate crime.  What all the other crews need 7, maybe 8 colors to accomplish, we complete using only two shades.  Alan figured he had to put some restriction on us, to even the playing field a little bit.  Unfortunately, it clearly did not work.  We apologize for our dominance and/or complete humiliation of all other crews.  If you are colorblind, completely disregard that extensive rant.  Throughout the process, McKeon has developed a disturbing man crush on the picture of Humphrey Bogart that is on our computer. That is all. –     Ginnup

Last day of filming…for me

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What’s up? its Pete blogging here for The Maltese Falker, checking in and letting everyone know what’s up with the movie.  So far as expected the movie has been a great success as the end is  coming to the close.   Today we just finished some over the shoulder shots and cutaways just in case we need extra footage.   Along with filming, we also took a ton of photos for the future movie cover which will consist of our 3 main characters.  Other then that our crew has been editing non stop from transitions to adding black and white and we still have a little way to go.  Keep checking back for updates, photos, and of course more blogging.  Lada people see ya on the red carpet.

Chocolate Milk Martinis

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Friday Morning we realized that the second scene from our script would not work. We found ourselves in a dilemma as that day after school was the only day we had our actors available. From that point on, it was like all the planets aligned. Jen wrote an awesome scene, Ms. Gillis and Ms. Padis dressed an awesome set, Mrs. Quinlan came through with the martini glasses and the milk, and our actors played the parts perfectly. This shoot really got everyone excited about the movie. The vice principals played they parts very well and we got some great footage. Also, the chocolate milk was still delicious even though it was starting to get warm.

The Buzz

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What can you say about this movie. It’s the first film noir of the film festival. The first black and white. The first period piece. The first to use a green screen. Needless to say it’s an ambitious movie. But in the hands of Jen Herrmann and Rory Quinlan anything is possible. So far they are shooting at a blistering pace—they may be finished shooting by the first week in March. I have been most impressed with the acting on this film. Mark Nelson is putting on a performance for the books as a hard-nosed detective, Sam Diamond. And his supporting cast of Caroline Crimmins and Pete Hadayia are equally impressive. This crew is top-notch. With the help of Ms. Padis and Ms. Gillis the crew actually transformed a room in Plimpton to look like a 1920s detective’s office.  I feel like the Buzz surrounding this movie should be feverish, but it’s not. It seems like a well kept secret at this point—much like Melody Me was two years ago.  

Buzz Analysis: Iced Caffè Americano.

Town Hall Madness

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The Maltese Falker is moving quicker than I thought it would. We have a lot done and don’t have that much left to shoot other than some scenes with Connor and the montage with Falker which we’re shooting today. I’m excited to get the montage done, just because it should be really fun to put together. it’s pretty much one of the only points in the movie where we’re going for laughs, so it should be good. Falker has come interesting costumes and we’ve got a green screen …it’ll be grrreat. It’s wierd how the film has falker’s name in it…and yet there is only one short scene where Falker actually appears. I’m out for now- Caroline, ginnup  

They call me Toni

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Hey it’s Pete once again blogging on the set of The Maltese Falker.  So far my group and I have come a long way slowly piecing together are footage and getting ready to film the big office scene.  Due to my lack of intelligence on Friday, we are going to finish up all of my scenes today and focus on the rest of the film in the time remaining.  So far we have been editing non stop and just got done finishing the interrogation scene which came out perfectly.  Nelson’s reaction was also priceless as I swung non stop punches centimeters away from his face.  Overall the last few scenes that we shot have been extremly fun to shoot and as we get closer and closer to the festival, we continue to get closer to our goal.


You’re gonna be so embarrassed when you listen to that later….

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Well, we’re into shooting and such. We shcooooted on over to the Footlighters to shoot that epic epic auditorium scene, so thanks to Dan Dan the lighting man and co. we came out with awesome artsy footage….for a random scene with a singer in a prom dress and a 20s pianist with a moustache (grown especially for the scene, much to Sophie’s dismay). Not much since then except for scrambling to find desk blotters and 1920s staplers and the like to dress up the set–most of which does not take place even remotely in Walpole High. We’re going to end up with some lovely suspension of disbelief. Yaaaay artsy! Between suitcoats, fedoras, and pre-recorded boomboxes, this movie is going to come out as the most out of context High School movie of festival history.

So back to working on that. Peace love and fedoras my friends

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2-Punch Combo

Setting up shop 

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Whats up its pete from ginnup, blogging here the first day back from break.  We are currently in pre production and currently brainstorming many ideas for this high potential movie “ The Maltese Falker”.  We have a great crew including myself, Quinlan, Herman, Nelson and Crimmins and all of us are expecting nothing less then success as we slowly roll into production.  In this film I play tony a intimidating kingpin on a mission to discover the legend behind the Maltese Falker. As  The starring actor is Nelson who plays a private eye named sam.  This film should be very funny and all of the actors fit into there characters very well.  But from behind the scenes we are currently revising tiny pieces of the script, working continuously on our lines, and thinking about costumes and set design.  The only problem in the group is nelson who has been quite feisty lately due to the fact that jealousy runs through his veins because he knows he will be severly injured in the film due to my devistating/lethal 2 punch combos 🙂  As of today we fully completed are scheduling and we also got a new steady cam to shoot with. We start shooting monday.  You guys will like what you see. ladaaaaa

The Malted Milk Ball

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We are doing preproduction work until after vacation. Pete Ha and I are working on delivering our lines. This movie has serious potential but it will take a lot of work. This will be the first black and white film in Walpole Film Festival history. I m looking forward to seeing Falker dressing up in all of the different costumes or the montage. We have Jen and Rory behind the scenes and good things can be expected from The Maltese Falker.

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Whatever James Smellwood.. and not a good smell either. A really bad one. Like tuna eggrolls.

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This week our group got very busy with preproduction, concentrating on storyboarding, which we have almost finished, art design, and the practicing of lines.  We have decided to use a practice room in the music wing for Sam’s office, and Mark is quickly learning the lingo of the 20’s.  Most importantly, we have decided on a studio name, On the Hood Productions, which only sounds sexual to Julie Fortin, who quite frankly needs to get her mind out of the gutter.  The name is actually a reference to an occurrence that happened last semester, in which I went out for a pass in the gleefully dangerous game of busy-street football and ended up on the hood of Pete’s car.  Also, our group has begun to focus our efforts away from preproduction and towards sabotaging In the Red in any way possible.  Luckily we have a mob boss on our crew, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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