2-Punch Combo

Setting up shop 

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 12.33.10 PM

Whats up its pete from ginnup, blogging here the first day back from break.  We are currently in pre production and currently brainstorming many ideas for this high potential movie “ The Maltese Falker”.  We have a great crew including myself, Quinlan, Herman, Nelson and Crimmins and all of us are expecting nothing less then success as we slowly roll into production.  In this film I play tony a intimidating kingpin on a mission to discover the legend behind the Maltese Falker. As  The starring actor is Nelson who plays a private eye named sam.  This film should be very funny and all of the actors fit into there characters very well.  But from behind the scenes we are currently revising tiny pieces of the script, working continuously on our lines, and thinking about costumes and set design.  The only problem in the group is nelson who has been quite feisty lately due to the fact that jealousy runs through his veins because he knows he will be severly injured in the film due to my devistating/lethal 2 punch combos 🙂  As of today we fully completed are scheduling and we also got a new steady cam to shoot with. We start shooting monday.  You guys will like what you see. ladaaaaa

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