The Buzz

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What can you say about this movie. It’s the first film noir of the film festival. The first black and white. The first period piece. The first to use a green screen. Needless to say it’s an ambitious movie. But in the hands of Jen Herrmann and Rory Quinlan anything is possible. So far they are shooting at a blistering pace—they may be finished shooting by the first week in March. I have been most impressed with the acting on this film. Mark Nelson is putting on a performance for the books as a hard-nosed detective, Sam Diamond. And his supporting cast of Caroline Crimmins and Pete Hadayia are equally impressive. This crew is top-notch. With the help of Ms. Padis and Ms. Gillis the crew actually transformed a room in Plimpton to look like a 1920s detective’s office.  I feel like the Buzz surrounding this movie should be feverish, but it’s not. It seems like a well kept secret at this point—much like Melody Me was two years ago.  

Buzz Analysis: Iced Caffè Americano.

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